Make Limoncello at Home

I often overeat. It's a pretty well known habit of mine.  If you put food in front of my face, I feel personally obligated to eat it.  And when the food is good, there are no limits to my bottomless pit.  People don't believe me, but on a 10-day trip to Italy in 2010, I put on 10 lbs.  Fact.  Trust me, it is possible. (By the way, this is John talking.  Elana is the fitness freak in the family).

What was my secret?  Well, determination first and foremost.  And indeed, focus cannot be overlooked.  But also, limoncello.  Yes, this southern Italian liquor is not just awesomely fresh and delicious, it is particularly helpful in your body's digestive efforts.  When my belly is protruding like that of a woman in her mid-to-late second trimester due to an unconscious eating binge, sipping a small glass of limoncello is the perfect way to cap off the experience.

Ever get the urge to make some of your own?  Well, Elana and I did.  And it turned out great, thanks to following the easy steps found within Mama Agata's cookbook.  Scope the pics above and the video below to share in our experience: